Project Generator


Basic Settings

(No spaces, no special characters)
(Relative path from project root preferred, should not contain spaces, default is ../ZillaLib)
(Used for window and icon title, can have spaces and special characters, if empty will use project name)
. (For smartphone app releases, will add .projectname to the end)

Target Projects

(2012 - 2017)
(Android SDK)
(Chrome Native Client)
(Using Emscripten)

Always on for Linux, but can also be used for all non Windows builds
If planning to use network sockets on Android
If planning to use the smartphone vibration on Android
For storing the project in a git repository


For PC & Web release builds, embed assets into executable file

Add Optional Library
(Optional libraries are included as single source code file and have no dependencies)

(License: MIT)
(2013 Version, License: BSD)
(License: LGPL)
(Based on Fluidsynth, License: LGPL)
(handles touch scrolling, dragging and multi touch zoom)
(simple 2D ragdoll model animation system)

Included Sample Features


This generator runs locally in pure JavaScript, it does not upload to any server.